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Hot Tub Hire London - 25th November 2017

The experience of a hot tub is one of those things in life, that once you've experienced it, it's difficult to ever know what life was like without having one before. Well, that's only true if you've actually experienced one, that is.

When I tell people that I run a hot tub review website, they almost always ask:

"Well, whose going to buy a hot tub, other than the rich? They're expensive, right?"

Well, it turns out you don't need to be wealthy to actually enjoy a hot tub. There are multiple companies spread out across the UK who offer hot tub rental for relatively affordable prices.

So here today, we will be considering whether you should buy or rent, depending on your circumstances and what the best options are for you depending on what you are looking for.

Firstly, let's talk about price

One of the biggest factors between buying or renting is the money. This is actually an interesting consideration, because whilst buying a hot tub can start at £300+ for inflatable models, the most premium hard shell models can cost upwards of £5,000 to £10,000.

Renting on the other hand, can cost anywhere between £120 for an inflatable hot tub weekend hire, to £300 for more premium packages. Renting typically consists of an inflatable hot tub that is installed by the hiring company and then taken away after the renting period is over.

What about the most popular hot tub brand in the UK, the Lay-Z Spa?

Buy or rent?






Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii (inflatable)

The Lazy-Z Spa is the go-to inflatable hot tub for anyone who's new to hot tubs. Considering the buy price is £350, there's the risk that if you don't really like the inflatable look or feel, then you're stuck with something quite large that you're not using, which will have to be returned or kept gathering dust. Not good.

So we would suggest renting from many of the hot tub hire companies in the UK, as £120~ is something quite affordable and it gives you the opportunity to test drive something that many people don't get to experience at home.

If it turns out that you actually love the experience of a hot tub in your garden, then investing £350-£500 in an inflatable Lazy-Z Spa is actually a pretty good longer term deal.

But what about maintenance?

Cleary, renting a hot tub offers the major advantage of not having to worry about maintaining the hot tub, as you can simply let the professionals of the rental company take care of all the technicalities.

But how much maintenance is required for owning a hot tub and is it difficult?

Firstly, there's maintaining the cleanliness of the water. This includes test kits to measure the chlorine and pH and changing the water, ensuring that the calcium levels of the water are not to high. Then there's maintaining/replacing the water filter, cleaning the hot tub itself and the cover if there is one.

The list of things to do to maintain a hot tub is long and requires frequent attention over the span of weeks and months to ensure the maximum life of the hot tub. You would also need to become educated on what chemicals to use how and when, along with the user manual of the hot tub to ensure it's being operated properly.

This of course, seems rather intimidating to any hot tub newcomer. Whilst it's not too difficult to figure out what to do, it is an inconvenience that can be easily avoided by just letting the experts sort it out themselves.

The bottom line:

We would suggest thinking about the price of the hot tub that you are considering to buy when worrying about maintenance. If the hot tub is in the higher price range (£1,000+), then it's definitely worth spending the time learning about hot tub maintenance; just think about the benefits of having your own premium spa to use whenever you feel like it!

If, however you're interested in the more affordable, inflatable models, then we would say that actually both options, renting and buying are worthy choices, especially considering the lower price point of renting for a week or weekend. If you find you really enjoyed the experience of renting a hot tub, then by all means consider buying your own private inflatable hot tub and learning how to maintain it.

Other things to consider


This one seems obvious, but actually has more to it than it seems. Renting has the benefit of not needing to set up, inflate and fill the hot tub with water. The hiring company does that for you.

But then of course there's the inconvenience of having to order from a company and wait for it's arrival, which could definitely be alleviated by buying your own private hot tub and being able to use it whenever you want, but then you'd have to handle the maintenance as discussed above.


Renting means there's no need to find a place to store your hot tub when not in use, plus it means you don't have a hot tub just sitting in your garden, which could prove to be a bit of an eye-sore (especially for inflatable models).

Buying however can be problematic, especially with bulkier models as you need to find a suitable place to position the hot tub that is flat and sturdy enough to support the heavy weight of the water and people inside the hot tub, but of course that's also an issue with renting. There's also the need to have a steady supply of hot tub chemicals to ensure proper maintenance is carried out.


When renting, you're typically limited to inflatable models only, as they are the quickest to set up and the easiest to transport once deflated. With buying, however, you're open to getting exactly what you want without any limitations whatsoever.

To summarise...

So there have it, our main considerations between buying and renting a hot tub. To help you make up your mind, we've complied our main options in a handy comparison table, which can be viewed below:

So there have it, our main considerations between buying and renting a hot tub. To help you make up your mind, we've complied our main options in a handy comparison table below.




Affordable prices

Becomes expensive for multiple use

Affordable entry levels models

Expensive premium models


Handled by hiring company

Need to learn about proper maintenance

Buying chemicals, pumps, plus other accessories


Delivered and set up by hiring company

Constantly having to hire every time

Being to use a private hot tub whenever you want


No need to store

No eye-sore sitting in the garden

Needing suitable storage space

Needing stable ground to hold hot tub weight


Mostly limited to inflatable models

Limitless choice

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