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First of all, congratulations on deciding to purchase your hot tub from Hot Tub Hire London! Your hot tub experience will be so much better!

What types of hot tub are there?

Its a false perception that hot tubs are only for the rich and famous! There is a wide range of products for many different budgets, whilst always ensuring high quality. We have a hot tub sale on right now, so get down to Hot Tub Hire London today! Consider getting a inflatable, or wooden spa. There are also accessories, sales, cheap, luxury the choice is extensive. You can choose between portable or stationary spas, considering if you’re hosting a party or not!

What sizes are there?

Hots tubs can vary from a regular 2 person hot tub, all the way to a 4 and 6 person hot tubs. If thats enough, theres even a swim hot tub thats much longer; great for groups! If you just want something simple and not too fancy, then a single pump jacuzzi will be perfect. They only need to plugged into a single power outlet, and these can canter for 4-6 people. This is the best choice for those who want something simple to use, but still special.

Other models of hot tubs come in different sizes, some come with additional features, such as sound speakers! You can get outdoor hot tubs, indoor hot tubs and round hot tubs. Small and larger sizes are available. We will come and offer installation too. Take a look at our reviews to see more. The possibilities are endless.

What features do hot tubs offer?

The construction of the hot tubs is of the highest standard. Each comes with the following features as standard:

  • Each hot tub contains insulation which not only makes sure that the water is always warm, but ensures energy efficiency.
  • Next, its important that the water which fills up the hot tub is pure and clean. Each hot tub uses an advanced filtration systems to ensure any unwanted particles in the water are filtered out, leaving only pure, fresh water in your hot tub.
  • Many of the hot tubs come with soft lighting which sets a calming atmosphere, along wide the sound of trickling water.
  • Targeted massage water jets. These will focus on the exact spots on your body which is provide you with the relaxation you deserve.

Hot Tub Hire London offers a range of hot tubs suited for your needs

Take a look at our locations to find your ideal hot tub in the South East. We have a hot tub sale now on. Pleas read on to find out more. here you can buy hot tubs, there are hot tubs for sale, and hot tub party! Everything you could ever want.


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